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The ‘must see’


An amazing view from the castle in Bressieux

There is an incredible panoramic view from the dungeon tower! You can even see Mont Blanc on a clear day! The ruins from this feudal castle are majestic, and the atmosphere takes you to another era. This enchanting site is also part of the many rambling routes to be found in Bièvre-Valloire.

chateau Bx panorama

 A concert evening at the Berlioz festival

Hector Berlioz is a famous 19th century composer and is an essential part of the fabric of La Cote St André. It is a truly memorable experience to enjoy a concert of one of his compositions during the festival every year at the end of August. During this time, the courtyard of the Louis XI castle is transformed into a magical venue hosting many national and international symphonic orchestras. It is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some truly great musical moments within this magnificent setting, and why not discover its museum with an audio based guided tour.


It’s a cow’s life at the ‘13 fountains’ farm !

Have you ever heard of cows listening to the radio? Well, they do just that at the ‘ferme des 13 fontaines’ in Brézins! It is an ultra-modern educational farm where the cows decide when they are ready to be milked while having a snack. Stress? They do not know the meaning of the word and there is nothing they enjoy more than parading in front of the many visitors who go to this unusual milk farm. Would you like to find other milk producers ?


A relaxing family picnic by the lake

In the Chambaran or the Bonnevaux forests, the Bièvre-Valloire area is full to the brim with a multitude of lakes, renowned by fishermen and walkers alike. By the water’s edge, in the shade of the trees, it is so enjoyable to have a picnic or a little nap.

pique-nique étang

The Jeanne Sappey village fair

Where does this really fun event take its origin from? It is said to have been in existence for over 200 years! In 1802, a lady known as Jeanne Sappey bequeathed all her estate to the young and single people of Viriville in order for them to have a party every year in her honour. The tradition has not changed throughout the years and this fair, which takes place on the third week end in August and lasts 5 days, attracts a huge crowd looking for fun and entertainment and maybe looking to meet a soul mate? It is not a folk fair but the event is truly about traditions that the locals want to keep and share with visitors. This village fair is, as many in Bièvre-Valloire are, a reflection of the rural roots of the people.


A spring walk to enjoy a view of a colourful patchwork

During the month of April, the Bièvre valley is covered with shimmering and glowing colours, the yellow of the rape flowers, the green of the young shoots of wheat, and the ochre of irrigated plots. Just enjoy a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and make the most of the scents and colours while discovering a chapel or the ruins of a castle… In short, just take your time. For instance you can walk from Gillonnay at the Notre Dame du Mont chapel (where you have a magnificent view over the valley and the alpine ranges) all the way to the ruins of the Bocsozel castle in Le Mottier passing through hillsides and forests.



I Love Roybon

Has the statue of liberty left the U.S. for a holiday in the heart of the Chambaran forest ? Together with the Statue of Liberty in Paris it is one of the rare statues to hold its torch in the same way as its big American sister does. Get your picture taken next to ‘Miss Liberty’ and you have it: your personal souvenir ‘Made In Chambaran’!