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Discover Jongkind circuit

Who was Johan Barthold JONGKIND ?

Born in 1819 in The Netherlands, Jongkind was the real pioneer of the impressionism painting movement. Throughout his life he lived and painted in Paris, in Normandy, in the Nivernais region and eventually in the Dauphiné. Indeed, he first followed his guardian angel, Madame Fesser, to the Bourbre Valley not far from La Cote St André where he finally settled.
He found real serenity in nature and the local inhabitants with which he enjoyed a special relationship. He often talked to farmers, labourers and children who called him ‘Father Daffodil’ and who were always full of laughter from seeing him walking around closely followed, step by step, by a sheep!

He did paint his best water colours here, and he drew his last breath in 1891 and now lies in the cemetery in La Cote St André.
You can go to www.jongkind.fr for his biography, pictures of his masterpieces and for details of exhibitions. You will also be able to register for guided walks through his life and the local landscape.

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