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As the local saying goes, ‘in Bièvre-Valloire, we don’t have the chateaux from Loire !’ This is true, however the area is proud to be home to some amazing medieval castles, some of which are part of some of the best routes for family walks. So let’s go back in time, we’ll pretend you’re the queen and I am your knight in shining armour…!’rolex air king replica

Château de Bocsozel

The remains of the medieval castle of the Lords of Bocsozel lay at the top of a mound overlooking the Liers valley. You can enjoy a picnic on site or begin a walk on the local rambling paths.
Bocsozel 38260 Le Mottier
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Castle of Bressieux

Standing on a hill, the feudal castle of Bressieux still bears witness of its military heritage throughout the centuries, showcasing majestic ruins of reddy pink bricks.
Château de Bressieux 38870 Bressieux
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Château de Montfalcon

Built during the wars between the counties of Dauphiné and Savoie, this 14th century castle stood tall on the hill overlooking the Galeyson and Galaure valleys. Panoramic view of the Vercors mountains and of the Mont Pilat peak
105 chemin de Bretonnière 38940 Montfalcon
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Château Louis XI

In 1260, Philippe 1st of Savoy entrusted the architect Jacques de Saint-Georges with the construction of a castle overlooking the plain of the Bièvre. This building incorporates the elements classified as historic monuments . .
23 rue des Remparts 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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