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Les Terres Froides

The ‘Terres Froides’ (cold grounds)

Authentic nature

A strange name, is it not? But do not be mislead as the vales and sunny viewpoints are many. It is due to the acidity of the soil that this area got its name throughout the centuries. However, the rich fauna and flora of the Tourbière natural reserve at the Grand Lemps lake is a thrill to nature lovers. You can now discover this conservation area thanks to a specially designed walking path. You will also be pleasantly surprised to come across many of the charming ‘Dauphinoise style’ houses, with their typical high sloping roofs, which are dotted along the way.

reserve le grd lemps chateau pupetière

An unsuspected diversity

The Turnip Fair in Flachères, the Pupetières castle and the ‘Snails Palace’ in Chabons, the Chapel of Notre Dame de la Salette in Bevenais, or the environmentally friendly museum in Longechenal, there is such a variety of attractions within one area!

The many walking tracks that go through the area will allow you to discover its varied landscape, like the one very near the lake in Paladru nicknamed ‘the Blue Lake’. Chapels, churches and old Dauphinoise style farmhouses merge into one with the lakes and forests, you only have to go and enjoy the natural beauty of the place…