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Beaurepaire and its surrounding area

The Beaurepaire area is composed of 15 villages and towns with Beaurepaire as its main town. Situated to the west of Isère county near the Rhone valley, 30minutes from Vienne and about 1 hour from Lyon, Grenoble and Valence, this land is made up of an East-West facing plain called La Valloire, and moving along eastwards into the Bièvre, it represents one of the most geologically beautiful landscapes of Europe, with ridges and terraces that bore witness to the three big ice ages. To the north are the Taravas woodland and the Bonnevaux forest. You can also find 40 small lakes and ponds including the Oron, the Dolon, the Sanne and the Vareze.

Recharge your batteries away from daily stress

Enjoy a stay within nature. Whether you are on foot, on horseback, or on a mountain bike, on a simple family stroll or a more extreme trek, just follow the 750kms of tracks or marked walking paths, and if you follow the flow of water you will be able to enjoy traditional or sport fishing as well as a spot of swimming.

The secrets of the stones

The stones are still echoing to the footsteps of the Roman Empire which created the route which leads from Rome to Vienne, and they bear witness to the memories of these important times in the history of mankind. The village of Tourdan, once known in ancient times as Turedonnum; here the Croton site reminds us of the power of a fortified castle and the castle mounds of Saut du Chevalier and Pommier de Beaurepaire date back from the beginning of the Middle Ages. The castles of Jarcieu, of Montseveroux, of Bresson in Moissieu sur Dolon and of Barbarin in Revel Tourdan will definitely charm you. The pilgrims’ way of Santiago de Compostela will lead you to places such as the murals of the Saint Laurent church in Monsteroux-Milieu or to the valley of the Salette chapel in Bellegarde Poussieu. You will also see the St Jean Baptiste chapel, topped with its spire and an imperial style roof, as well as the St Michel church in Chalon. You will be able to visit the beautiful churches that are dotted along the route such as the St Michel church in Beaurepaire, the St Georges church in Pact as well as the St Martin church in Montseveroux. This journey back in time will allow you to imagine the cobblestones as they were once lit by Louis Michel Villaz as he made Beaurepaire one of the first cities in France to have public lighting in the streets.

montseveroux revel-tourdan

Come and meet the people

You can discover many of the artisans and artist of the area and enjoy their know-how. Ceramics, earthenware, porcelain, renovation of artifacts, jewellery, watch making… Or do you just fancy a food or drink tasting: just enjoy the rich variety of the produce of our ‘terroir’: fruit and vegetables, cheeses, honey, ostriches

Do you fancy going out?

You have the choice of an evening out to relax, or an authentic cultural outing or a show. A large choice of entertainment is available to you in the Beaurepaire area: from the International Film show in Beaurepaire to the folk evenings in Montseveroux or to the many year round exhibitions on show at the Tourism Office in Beaurepaire or the village parties… Just check out our diary !