Unusual places

Parc Allivet

Large public garden just a stone's throw from the city centre. 100 year old trees, A duck pond, skating rink, children's games... everything you need to relax.
Chemin des Meunières 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Point de vue Chapelle ND de Sciez

Enciez 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Château de Montfalcon

Built during the wars between the counties of Dauphiné and Savoie, this 14th century castle stood tall on the hill overlooking the Galeyson and Galaure valleys. Panoramic view of the Vercors mountains and of the Mont Pilat peak. .
105 chemin de Bretonnière 38940 Montfalcon
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Castle of Bressieux

Standing on a hill, the feudal castle of Bressieux still bears witness of its military heritage throughout the centuries, showcasing majestic ruins of reddy pink bricks
Château de Bressieux 38870 Bressieux
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Point de vue Chapelle ND du Mont

Chapelle Notre Dame du Mont 38260 Gillonnay
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Château de Bocsozel

The remains of the medieval castle of the Lords of Bocsozel lay at the top of a mound overlooking the Liers valley. You can enjoy a picnic on site or begin a walk on the local rambling paths.
Bocsozel 38260 Le Mottier
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Chapelle du Serrein

Dating from the 19th century this chapel is a typical example of the local building style which uses round stones.
38940 Saint-Clair-sur-Galaure
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Chapelle Saint-Hugon

Chemin de Saint-Hugon 38440 Châtonnay
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Chapelle de Balbins

Founded in 1525 within the Church of Saint Pierre de Balbins, the Saint-Michel Chapel was rebuilt in 1839 on the site and replaced the original church. The building has a single nave surmounted by a bell gable.
Chemin de la Chapelle Impasse des Tilleuls 38260 Ornacieux-Balbins
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Chapelle Notre-Dame du Mont et Panorama

This chapel was built in the 13th century on top of a small hill overlooking the Bievre valley and enjoys a stunning view over the Alps and the Chambaran hills.
155 allée de la chapelle 38260 Gillonnay
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Vestiges du château de Viriville

59 AVENUE DR TURC 38980 Viriville
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Parc Naturel de Chambaran

Both wild and welcoming this 600 acres site with its 45kms of walking paths will surely give you plenty of room to roam around in! You will be able to watch stags and deers, mountain goats, wild boars and many varieties of birds...
3200 route de Revel 38870 Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux
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Chapelle Saint-Pierre

Chapelle of Bournay was built between the 11th and the 12th century. This romanesque syle chapel is owned by the municipality since 1973. It’s located in a protected site.
154 montée de la chapelle 38440 Saint-Jean-de-Bournay
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Chapelle de Grolée

Rue de la chapelle 38980 Viriville
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Chapelle Notre-Dame de Sciez

Built in the 19th century, this chapel is located on top of a small hill. You will be able to see in the distance the Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne mountain ranges thanks to a panoramic viewpoint.
En Sciez 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Château Louis XI

In 1260, Philippe 1st of Savoy entrusted the architect Jacques de Saint-Georges with the construction of a castle overlooking the plain of the Bièvre

This building incorporates the elements classified as historic monuments .
23 rue des Remparts 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Château d'Armanais

535 route d'Armanet 38260 Ornacieux-Balbins
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Château saint-Cierge

Aveue du Docteur Louis Guyonnet, angle rue du Général Vinoy 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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