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Etang des marais

4 000m2 fishing pond dedicated to trout, carnivorous fish, carp and white bait. Trout are released from October to June every 2 weeks. Open all year round.
Chemin des marais 38260 Ornacieux-Balbins
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Etang de la Digonne

Located on the road leading to the Toutes Aures col, 4 km away from the village of Roybon, this lake is a quiet spot within the Chambaran woodland popular with by all fishing enthusiasts.
38940 Roybon
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Pêche à l'étang du Loup

A club run lake accessible to the public for fishing. Only no-kill fishing
Chemin du Loup 38260 Pajay
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Etang Le Grand Bois

Located in the heart of the forest of bossieu. Toilets, schelter for fishermenand picnic area.
38260 Bossieu
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Etangs de pêche du Parc Naturel de Chambaran

Make the most of this ideal fishing environment within the Chambaran Natural Park. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy carp, pike, perch and whitebait fishing. 3 lakes available : Fond Coully, Fontrouge and Etang Neuf.
3200 route de Revel 38870 Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux
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Etang de Sorbière

This private lake offers fishing activities all year round : trout, white bait and carp. Fishing days and events are organised on a regular basis.
38940 Saint-Clair-sur-Galaure
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Initiation à la pêche à la mouche

Patrick will offer you a complete package for beginners or the more experienced, for children or adults, in groups or alone. Basic casting, refresher tuition in various techniques and fly tying
38260 Thodure
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Lake of Roybon

Fishing, swimming, children’s play areas and pic-nic areas. Free access.
Restaurant in summer
Allée du Lac 38940 Roybon
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Etang de la marquise

Il se situe sous l'ancienne maison forestière sur la route de Roybon à Montrigaud 38940 Roybon
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Lake of Les essarts

A Pond of 5 ha in the heart of Chambaran. The pond offers tranquility and various facilities: picnic, shelter for fishermen and toilets.
Chemin des essarts / Route de Revel 38870 Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux
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Etang de Montjoux [Site non accessible]

Located at an altitude of 400 m the pond Montjoux covers an area of 14 ha.
chemin de l'étang 38440 Saint-Jean-de-Bournay
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Etang Cazeneuve

In a beautiful spot, shady pond of 0.8 ha easy to access with parking. The pond is packed with carp and roach.
38440 Châtonnay
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l'étang de chanclau

Chanclau lake is ideal for family picnics, fishings enthusiasts, and
for walkers to enjoy the banks of the lake. You can learn about the fauna and flora through a ‘discovery path’ round the site which has 8 information displays.
40 Chemin du Morchamp 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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Etang communal

A private pond size of 1 ha open to the public with a daily or annual fishing permit. Ten trout safaris orga nized per year, free with the annual fishing permit.
route de la feyta 38940 Saint-Clair-sur-Galaure
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Etang Paldoux

2 ha fishing pond dedicated to carp raising for catch and release, 4 fishing stations with barbecues (one with a shelter). Stocked with good specimens, grass carps, koi and sturgeon. 2 rods per person. Open all year.
Chemin des étangs (étang petit Jean sur google maps) 38260 Bossieu
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Etang Moule

The pond of 6 ha offers a privileged fishing environment, with all the necessary comfort for a day of relaxation: toilets, drinking water, shelter, parking and banks for lines.
38440 Châtonnay
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Parcours de pêche des Fontaines

You can enjoy a spot of fly fishing in the whitewater of the Oron stream between the town of Beaurepaire and Beaufort. Fly fishing tuition with an instructor is available by appointment. Also farm trout and salmon fishing
40 chemin du lavoir 38270 Beaufort
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Etang le Marais

A small family friendly pond of 2.5 ha located on the intercommunal leisure base. Other leisure activities nearby : golf, interpretive trail, hiking trails...
38260 Faramans
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