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Local Markets

It’s a real holiday treat to just wander around the stalls of a market, enjoying the scent of honey, tasting freshly baked bread, chatting to the cheesemonger…

Make sure you have your shopping basket !

  • Monday in Roybon, St Etienne de St Geoirs, St Jean de Bournay
  • Tuesday in Champier, Châtonnay, Faramans, Viriville
  • Wednesday in Beaurepaire, St Siméon de Bressieux
  • Thursday in La Côte-Saint-André, Pajay
  • Friday in Pact, Sillans, Villeneuve-de-Marc
  • Saturday in Bellegarde-Poussieu, Jarcieu, Thodure, Viriville
  • Sunday in Revel-Tourdan



Ferme de la Combe Bernard

from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020
La Côte-Saint-André

Marché des fermes du Viennois au Chambaran

the 15/03/2020

Marché des fermes du Viennois au Chambaran

the 11/04/2020

Marché aux fleurs et pucier

the 10/05/2020

Marché aux fleurs

the 16/05/2020

Marché de printemps

the 14/06/2020

Festival O'Balbin'S'Arts

the 22/08/2020

Marché de noël

the 19/12/2020