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Local specialities

You will be able to try cherry based liqueurs at the Cherry Rocher company or chocolates from the Jouvenal Confectionery including the famous ‘Damnation’ chocolate. You may sample pear spirit (eau de vie) from the local distillery of the Pied-Menu or try the local biscuit called ‘Gaffe de Chambaran’, which is a traditional macaroon made from chestnut honey and covered in a thin layer of wild berries pulp… Yummy!

Sirops Cherry Rocher

Distiller and liqueur maker since1705, Cherry Rocher offers a large range of quality liqueurs and cordials with unusual flavours.
Avenue Camille Rocher 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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La Gaffe de Chambaran

The 'gaffe de Chambaran' is born. A 'rustic macaroon' infused with chestnut honey and topped by a thin layer of red berries. A taste delight!
Chez certains pâtissiers/chocolatiers de la région 38940 Roybon
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Le Tourvellois

A local mixed berries tart made with shortcrust pastry and a topping of meringue. Delicious!
55 chemin Neuf 38270 Revel-Tourdan
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Chocolat Damnation

A speciality from Jouvenal, the famous chocolate maker in La Cote St Andre, the square shape 'damnation' chocolate has a very crunchy centre of layered walnut praline covered in 72% dark chocolate.
25 rue de la République 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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