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Farms visits

Our local farmers are truly passionate about their land and their ‘terroir’ so they welcome you to visit their farms. The sweet taste of childhood memories !

Sirops Cherry Rocher

Distiller and liqueur maker since1705, Cherry Rocher offers a large range of quality liqueurs and cordials with unusual flavours.
Avenue Camille Rocher 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Les Autruches du Moulin

This is an ostrich farm, open from 17.00 to 20.00, where you can discover the animals as well as enjoy the range of products available in the shop.
Le Moulin. 2514 route du pilat 38122 Monsteroux-Milieu
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Les Délices de Sylvie

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173 rue du Stade 38270 Bellegarde-Poussieu
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Ferme de M et Mme Bonnard

Cheese producer with farm shop.
920 route des Brosses 38270 Moissieu-sur-Dolon
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Ferme de la Combe Bernard

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This is a teaching farm open for visits to schools, groups, families... You can play an active role during your visit by hand milking goats, operating the cow milking parlour, trying your hand at cheese making, playing with the farm's rabbits and discovering the farm's poultry yard.
40 Chemin de la Combe Bernard Lieu dit les maines 38122 Montseveroux
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La Chèvrerie de Mylène

Cheese producer from the Saanen goat breed operating as a certified organic farm. The 50 strong herd is out on fields part of the SSSI (site of special scientific interest) of La Salette.
183, chemin du Château 38270 Bellegarde-Poussieu
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GAEC Philipierre

Philippe Veyron has 80 ostriches and 500 sheeps on his farm. It has been 22 years he tasted the ostrich meat on new year eve and hefell in love with the taste. Soon the farm had its first ostriches moving in. With a great love to animals Philippe works together with his brother. Main products are ostrich and meat, terrines, cured meat and also ostrich eggs.

They sell their products directly from the farm but also to restaurants and some local shops. We advice you to taste Philippe’s ostrich liver mousse and shepherds terrine.

Ps: Did you know that an ostrich can live up to 70 years!
1999, vie de St Siméon 38260 Sardieu
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Ferme du Sozéa

The family Baratier have had their farm already generations in the village of Saint Simeon de Bressieux. Simon is the youngest farmer, who is continuing the footsteps of hies parents and great grandparents. He has grown up in the fields, taking care of animals and selling the products in markets. Nowadays the farm produces milk products, vegetables and walnuts. They sell their farm products in the shops near by, directly from the farm and on the village markets. Sozéa cow milk cheeses : Sozembert, Tomme du Sozéa, package of 3 tommes.
260 Le Sozéa 38870 Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux
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Les Jardins de Parady

This is an organic producer of seasonal vegetables and pasteurised grape juice from local vines.
allée de Praronds 38260 Gillonnay
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Le P'tit barru

In a rural and hilly setting, the farmer will welcome you in his bright and modern farm to show you his products: fresh/dried/seasoned goat cheese and fresh farm eggs.
1480 La Valette 38590 La Forteresse
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L'Escargot du Prieuré

Have you already tasted the famous French delicacy? With a mountain view this snail farm is located in a beautiful spot in prober country side. Mister Abel and his wife started to farm snails in 1993. With careful control of breeding, the farm is producing about 100 000 snails in a year. Biggest peaks in snail consummation are holidays and big celebrations like Christmas.
Le Petit Berlioz is proposing you “Escargotine”. The recipe of Escargotine is developed in co-operation by snail farmers in Isère. Herbs and garlic are giving some taste to this delicious spread. It can be eaten for example on toast with aperitif. Prepare little toasts and pass them in the oven to have a nice grilled finger food with your choice of drink.
136 chemin du Prieuré 38260 Penol
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GAEC Les Bergers de Montseveroux

704 rue des cadrans solaires 38122 Montseveroux
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Les Bières du Temps

This is an organic micro-brewery: lager, stout, white beer and bitter are specially produced according to the seasons. Product tasting available in the shop, and group visits available on reservation.
85 allée des acacias 38260 Champier
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Ferme Les Treize Fontaines

Producer of Walnuts of Grenoble and derivatives for direct sale on the farm or on the internet on www.fermeles13fontaines.com
Fully automated milking farm, open for visits and school outings
4, chemin de la Passion 38590 Brézins
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Brasserie de Chambaran - La Bi'nche

110 bis route de l'aéroport 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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Spiruline du Dauphiné

You can discover the production site of the Dauphine's own spirulina. You will learn about the origin, production and the nutritional values of this micro-algae as well as enjoy a tasting and have the opportunity to buy some of this wonder food.
196 chemin de Layat 38270 Moissieu-sur-Dolon
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Le Pigeonneau des Terres

This is pigeon meat producer; you can buy the birds ready to cook (on reservation only) as well as tinned 'mince' pigeon meat. Guided tours are available on reservation.
559 chemin des Terres 38260 Pajay
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Escargots du Fongarot

455 A rue de richardon 38270 Primarette
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La Grange Buissonnière

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219 route de Beaurepaire 38270 Pisieu
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Beezz Api

365, chemin Fillonnière 38260 Le Mottier
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