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Shopping with a low carbon footprint is possible in Bièvre-Valloire!

We are lucky to enjoy a preserved countryside rich in farming and local producers who apply their passion to offer quality seasonal produce. Cheese, honey, fruit and vegetables, bread…

Simply enjoy it !



Brasserie de Chambaran - La Bi'nche

110 bis route de l'aéroport 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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Ferme Saunier - Janot

Cheese producer (a mix of goat and cow cheeses), farm shop open all year round.
60 chemin de la grande charrière 38270 Primarette
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SARL du Pré Bouvier

1146 Route de Beaurepaire 38260 Penol
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Les légumes de Fredo

708 bois chevrier 38440 Beauvoir-de-Marc
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Les Délices de Sylvie

173 rue du Stade 38270 Bellegarde-Poussieu
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Maison Alves

282 chemin du clôt 38270 Revel-Tourdan
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Horticulture Gilbert Vacher

This is a producer of plants such as geraniums, bedding plants, hanging basket plants, vegetable garden seedlings (salads, tomatoes...) Also produce chrysanthemums for All Saints day on 1st November.
501 Chemin des Rivaux 38260 Marcilloles
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Ferme Les Treize Fontaines

Producer of Walnuts of Grenoble and derivatives for direct sale on the farm or on the internet on
Fully automated milking farm, open for visits and school outings
4, chemin de la Passion 38590 Brézins
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Ferme de Marsias

Label producteur bio
Organic producer of seasonal fruit and veg, fruit juices and chestnuts.
637 Route de Beaurepaire 38260 Balbins
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La Chèvrerie de Mylène

Cheese producer from the Saanen goat breed operating as a certified organic farm. The 50 strong herd is out on fields part of the SSSI (site of special scientific interest) of La Salette.
183, chemin du Château 38270 Bellegarde-Poussieu
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Potager de Paco

In this 'pick your own' farm you can enjoy seasonal organic fruit and veg as well as cooking herbs and flowers. Children can gather eggs from the poultry yard.
Route de Beaurepaire 38270 Pact
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Fromagerie Simian GFA Le Grand Chemin

73 Le Grand Chemin 38590 Brézins
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Ferme de la Biquette

227 impasse de chichateney 38440 Savas-Mépin
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La Ferme Mabily

This is a producer of cow cheese, goat cheese, and mixed cheese as well as walnut oil from the registered area of the Noix de Grenoble. The farmer sells his products on the markets of Vinay and St Etienne de St Geoirs.
50 Chemin du beu 38590 Saint-Michel-de-Saint-Geoirs
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GAEC Philipierre

This is an ostrich farm where you can see the animals and learn about them as well as enjoy the products in the farm shop at the end of your visit.
1999, vie de St Siméon 38260 Sardieu
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GAEC LA Chèvrerie du Rafour

141 rue du Rafour 38300 Saint-Agnin-sur-Bion
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Distillerie F.MOYROUD

Set on the banks of the Rhone valley , the orchards of the Domaine de Pied-Menu produce exclusively Williams pears. This artisan style distillery produce an important quantity of this fruit's spirit ('eau de vie') every year. The pears are grown inside a bottle right from the tree.
Domaine de Pied Menu 1408 Route de Lens Lestang 38270 Beaurepaire
04 74 79 79 96
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Les Jardins du Prado

The 'Jardin du Prado' association is an organic market garden operating as a social project to help local people find employment. Organic vegetable hampers available and direct selling on site in Bressieux every Wednesday from 10.00 to 16.00.
672 route du colombier 38870 Bressieux
04 74 84 81 62
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Les ruchers nomades

Producer of honey, pollen, gingerbread and royal jelly.
208 chemin de Vie St Jean 38260 Semons
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