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Shopping with a low carbon footprint is possible in Bièvre-Valloire!

We are lucky to enjoy a preserved countryside rich in farming and local producers who apply their passion to offer quality seasonal produce. Cheese, honey, fruit and vegetables, bread…

Simply enjoy it !



L'EARL de Saint Corps

2730 Route de Champier 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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La Ferme Mabily

This is a producer of cow cheese, goat cheese, and mixed cheese as well as walnut oil from the registered area of the Noix de Grenoble. The farmer sells his products on the markets of Vinay and St Etienne de St Geoirs.
50 Chemin du beu 38590 Saint-Michel-de-Saint-Geoirs
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L'Escargot du Prieuré

You can visit the snail farm by appointment and discover the live animals and the final tinned or frozen product. The farm is open non-stop daily during the second half of December and is a member of the local network 'From Viennois to Chambaran'.
136 chemin du Prieuré 38260 Penol
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Le Rucher des Orchis

You can discover the work of a bee keeper and try the final product which you can buy at the farm and at the 'Potager Solidaire' shop in Beaurepaire.
242 chemin de l'Etang 38270 Pisieu
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GAEC Philipierre

This is an ostrich farm where you can see the animals and learn about them as well as enjoy the products in the farm shop at the end of your visit.
1999, vie de St Siméon 38260 Sardieu
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Potager de Paco

In this 'pick your own' farm you can enjoy seasonal organic fruit and veg as well as cooking herbs and flowers. Children can gather eggs from the poultry yard.
Route de Beaurepaire 38270 Pact
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Jérémy MATHAIS : producteur/récoltant

Grower/producer of walnut oil.
5 route de Grenoble 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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Les Arômes d'Eliane

104, chemin de la Vie Saint Jean 38260 Semons
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Maison Alves

282 chemin du clôt 38270 Revel-Tourdan
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La chèvrerie des près

866 chemin du clos Morel 38440 Artas
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Le Safran du Dauphiné

Discover our saffron farm where we produce our local/Dauphiné harvest. Our farm and shop in St Pierre de Bressieux are open all year round and are particularly worth a visit during flowering time in October.
1080 route du Garembourg 38870 Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux
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Ferme de M et Mme Bonnard

Cheese producer with farm shop.
920 route des Brosses 38270 Moissieu-sur-Dolon
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Ferme de la Combe Bernard

Label producteur bio
This is a teaching farm open for visits to schools, groups, families... You can play an active role during your visit by hand milking goats, operating the cow milking parlour, trying your hand at cheese making, playing with the farm's rabbits and discovering the farm's poultry yard.
40 Chemin de la Combe Bernard Lieu dit les maines 38122 Montseveroux
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Les ruchers nomades

Producer of honey, pollen, gingerbread and royal jelly.
208 chemin de Vie St Jean 38260 Semons
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GAEC LA Chèvrerie du Rafour

141 rue du Rafour 38300 Saint-Agnin-sur-Bion
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Escargots du Fongarot

455 A rue de richardon 38270 Primarette
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Le Jardin de la Dupré

Alain, Denise and Cyril will welcome you at the 'Jardin de la Dupré' where you can 'pick your own' fruit and veg according to the seasons.
500 impasse de la Dupré 38940 Roybon
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