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Arts and crafts

This serene and inspiring area is suited to creativity, so you can visit the many craft studios and workshops in and around Bièvre-Valloire.

Atelier Poussière d'étoiles

Workshop visits are available by appointment during the week.
Maison des étangs 1020, chemin Pré Marais 38590 Saint-Geoirs
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Atelier De Terres et d'Idées

Potter registered at the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat de Grenoble (craft professionals organisation)
4 Chemin de cours le Mathais 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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Horlogerie Bijouterie Or du Temps

Old and vintage clocks, watches and bells repair workshop offering free quotes. Custom jewelry design, repair and adjustments. Exhibits at the Wedding show of Salaise sur Sanne.
4 route des métiers 38270 Jarcieu
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Atelier de Peinture sur Bois

Wood painting classes for adults. Weekly, daily or evening classes as well as full courses available.
7 Chemin St Georges 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Atelier peinture Daise

This is a gallery/workshop set up in an 18th century building. The painter is available to describe the provenance of the paintings as well as his passion and his individual creative process and style.
2, rue du Moulin 38870 Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux
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Atelier Jean-Marc Plantier

This is a ceramics and pottery workshop and studio (with a small exhibition) working with the raku technique.
375 Chemin des Bruyères 38260 Faramans
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Atelier Côté Est

81 Rue Octave Chenavas 38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs
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Atelier de Lutherie

Guitar production and repair.
10 Chemin du lavoir 38260 Saint-Hilaire-de-la-Côte
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Atelier les Delphinales

25 place de la Halle 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Chabaud Fanny, Artiste plasticienne

962 chemin des templiers Le Temple 38870 Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux
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Laul, polyplasticien

190 Allée du clos fléchet 38270 Saint-Barthélemy
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915 chemin du Veyron Cours 38590 Saint-Geoirs
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Atelier de poterie

Pottery workshop located in the square at the centre of the village, below the village hall. Visits are by appointment . You can find both decorative and useful items as well as items associated with wickerwork.
place du village 38590 Brion
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Atelier d'art et création

Mrs Roux's workshop is open to the public by appointment and also offers private and group classes on Thursday afternoons, tutored by Mrs Roux herself (booking required). The classes are for all types of levels and cover all types of painting techniques.
38940 Roybon
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L'Art du Bois

Wooden toys and children furniture handmade and hand painted. Unique designs: bright, decorative and educational items great for early learning. Come and browse and find your fancy!
20 place du maquis de Chambaran 38940 Roybon
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Atelier Catherine REYNIER

Restoration work and copying of paintings, wall paintings (murals, trompe l'oeuil) and portraits.
1 Place Saint André 38260 La Côte-Saint-André
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Sculpture Hélène Forrestier-Curti

Design and production of various ceramics items using the raku technique.
203 chemin du Lavoir 38260 Penol
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Cours de peinture dans une yourte

Come and experience your passion for painting... with classes and courses taking place in a yurt! Suitable for beginners or advanced painters alike thanks to a relaxed approach to teaching.
401 Ancien Chemin de Beaurepaire 38270 Revel-Tourdan
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La sourigolote

The sourigolote (the fun mouse) will recondition your furniture through painting, waxing and distressing techniques to blend in with your home style. You can also buy items that have been reworked in both pastels and bright colours.
506 chemin du moulin coquaz 38270 Revel-Tourdan
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Atelier "Ocre Jaune"

Art gallery with a permanent painting exhibition and a free visit of the workshop. Drawing and painting classes using all techniques are available for all levels throughout the year and during school holidays. Outdoor classes (with acrylic and water colour) and indoor classes in the workshop.
26 Grande Rue 38870 Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux
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